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Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (#ATD) return will need to be submitted once a year. 
The returns must be submitted on or after the 1st April in any chargeable period. The deadline for the submission is 30 days. Therefore your submission window is the 1st April to 30th April, and you are submitting for the upcoming year. 
Usually, you would submit a return once the period has ended like a self-assessment, but this is not the case here which means that more businesses are getting penalties as they are filing a year late. 
In the next blog/post, we’ll be describing the circumstances when a return is still needed, but that the relief is available – we’ve also shared the information on taxes if you cannot claim the relief, but typically, our property entrepreneur clients don’t have a tax liability, but still have the obligation to file the annual return. 
If you’re a client of Property Tax Advice, we can have an overview conversation about this, or we can be instructed to handle this for you. Contact jenny@property-tax-advice.co.uk or your regular consultant accountant. 
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