Specialist Property Tax Planning Services for Landlords and Property Investors 

What makes us the leading property tax advisors? 

We are the authority on property-related tax matters. We work with a diverse range of clients, from single buy-to-let owners to large scale property developers. 
Property Tax Advice proactively ensures that your property business strategy and structure is appropriate, your tax liability is kept to a minimum, and all your tax affairs are dealt with on time. 

Our experienced property team 

We provide tax services to an incredibly diverse range of clients, from owners of a single buy-to-let property to those with established, complex multi-property portfolios. 
Our experts bring their decades of shared experience to bear in all their client interactions, adding value, building trust and strengthening relationships by proactively ensuring that your property business strategy and structure is appropriate, your tax liability is kept to a minimum, and all your tax affairs are dealt with on time. 
Our experts avoid technical gibberish and will always talk to you in clear, plain terms. And not just that – between the team, we can speak in over 14 different languages, so there’s never an excuse for something to be lost in translation! 

We want to work with you – but why should you want to work with us? 

We work to your objectives 

We love helping our clients define what success looks like and then achieve those goals, whether they’re business, finance or lifestyle related. We also want you to feel in charge of your own destiny, which is why we work at educating and empowering our clients to be more informed, more savvy and more prosperous. 

We watch your back 

We’ll be your champion, without fail, every time. Many of us are landlords or have property experience ourselves, so we know your pain points – and how to avoid them. We’ll guide you through complicated decision making and work in partnership with you, so you always have a trusted advisor in your corner, protecting your interests. 

We help manage and control your tax 

We’re expert tax planners and take great pains to really get to know you and your business so we can talk knowledgeably about every aspect of your tax position. If there’s a way we can cut your tax bill you can be sure we’ll find it, meaning you’ll only ever pay what’s due. 

We ensure compliance every time 

There are pages and pages of regulations that must be followed to avoid penalties, and keeping track of them is daunting. We know the guidelines inside out so you don’t have to. When you come to us, you can have complete peace of mind that you’re in the safest of hands. 

Let our team's experience improve your experience of property tax accountancy  

Mark Barrett 

After starting out in the corporate world, Mark became Finance Director of a PLC and floated a company on the stock market before even turning 30. Having founded Riverview Portfolio, he started Property Tax Advice in 2014. 
As a landlord himself and with extensive experience in property development, Mark walks the talk and will always give you frank and open advice. 

Dan Farthing 

Dan joined the company at the age of just 18 and has progressed internally on to our board of directors. He enjoys learning about our clients as much as he enjoys adding to their thought process and business success. 
He firmly believes that well rounded business professionals make the best accountants. 

Shannon Bennett 

If you were previously of the opinion that accountants are generally "male, pale and stale", meet our director Shannon! 
Shannon joined us in 2011 and works in close partnership with our clients to provide the support and advice they need. 
An ex-gymnast, Shannon has flown a plane, paraglided off a mountain and skydived for charity. Nothing boring there! 

Steven Roberts 

Book-based learning is great, but lived experience is better. 
Steve started out in property and asset management, and then management accounting, before moving into practice. 
This makes him perfectly placed to understand our clients, drawing on his first hand knowledge to give them the best possible advice. 

Paul Gosling 

Having tax expertise is one thing, but not many accountancy firms can say they have an experienced consultant who started off at HMRC. 
Paul is the expert's expert, assisting a number of local accountants with advice and tax investigations, as well as walking our clients through every aspect of their tax affairs. 
He's a pretty mean singer too! 
Property Tax Advice is part of the RiverView Portfolio family of companies, providing expert accountancy services and specialist tax advice. 

Supporting you every step of the way. 

"Always extremely helpful by providing expert knowledge in a friendly, jargon-free way." 
Peter Flack, Project Engineering Ltd 
On your side  
"The help and support Mark has given me has enabled my business to become more successful. He feels more like a colleague than an external accountant." 
Paul Ogden, Red Rag To A Bull Ltd 
"Possessing exceptional communication skills, our accountant always makes himself available." 
Amanda Parke, House of Parke Ltd 
"They are extremely professional, have never let me down and always take the time to explain things clearly." 
Graham Beek, Marden Software Ltd 
"Shared their considered opinion which has been helpful to me as a sole trader with no-one else who'll give me balanced advice." 
Alice Bellamy, Woman to Woman Ltd 
"Approach can only be described as professional, personable and thought-provoking, like a business mentor." 
Lesley Gibbons, LG Consultancy Ltd 
"The advice on operational issues and areas relating to strategic planning are most useful." 
Ian Lorimar, Westbury Ltd 

Like what you've heard? 

Speaking with our clients is the best part of our job. We’d love to book an introductory call to find out more about you and how we can support you. 
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